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 Adobe Lightroom Android is also known as Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Adobe Lightroom is a prolific software, which is designed for the manipulation of images and to organize various photos together. This software is flourishing through Adobe Inc. as an element of the Creative Cloud subscription family. Adobe lightroom works on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and tvOS (Apple TV).

Adobe offers both Photoshop and Abode lightroom Android effect. Photoshop means we can create, manipulate, or enhance our image more accurately. Lightroom maintains focusing and organization of photo or image.

 How to use Adobe Lightroom Android

You can use adobe lightroom on android for free. You need to install the adobe lightroom app and sign in with your account. You get access to all features. You can add photos, store your photo share to another device, and rename your folder and slideshow.


  • Its elementary uses include
  • Transfer of image from one folder, phone to another
  • Saving in an appropriate folder
  • Data organized properly.
  • Provide the feature to tag different people.
  • Offer various editing effects to an image.
  • It allows sharing multiple images on one go.


Adobe Lightroom Android Enhancing Editing Tools Include:

  • White balance tool – which give an image a feature in which the image looks neutral
  • Tone curve tool – which allow changing the exposure and amount of light for image
  • HSL tool- it provides three different scales hue to transit colour of image, saturation – the level of intensity image requires and luminance – in simple words refers to the brightness of the image
  • Lens correction tool – required to fix the distortion problem
  • red-eye tool – for removing right light from the image which might come during a flash
  • Graduated filters tool – used for neutral density for the image
  • Radial filter tool- to highlight specific portion in the image
  • Spot removal tool – for minor distortion
  • Healing brush tool- particular to heel spot


  • You can change the size, ratio, and position of your picture.
  • A bundle of filters is available.
  • See before and after the photo.
  • Add inquisitive effects.
  • Undo and redo options are available.
  • You can add data with each picture. Or you can add the title below the photo.
  • You can choose the style according to choice – horizontal or vertical.

What Does Adobe Lightroom’s Privacy Policy Cover?

The privacy policy describes how adobe will make use of your information in the context of:

Adobe Lightroom Android websites; web-based services such as Behance( online platform, explore creative work) and web-based aspects of the Creative Cloud, Document Cloud, and Experience Cloud (together referred to as websites); in case you want to utilize features of adobe application and website, authorization is given by the person to adobe to use  various elements of application and website of adobe it allows to transfer your personal information to other countries and another member of adobe operator’s

However, privacy policy to access our details differ from country to country


Adobe Lightroom Android is the best Photoshop editing application for a person who loves to click pictures, as it gives numerous profits to the customer. The feature retouch full resolution shot offers a furbish look to the image. If your data or photo from any device, delete you can have all of them back through backup mode. Adobe Lightroom also offers you to sort your pictures without tagging.


What makes adobe lightroom android unique?

Adobe lightroom android offers both Photoshop and Lightroom effect.

Is adobe lightroom for android free else require a charge?

It is free for android.

What are the features of adobe lightroom android?

You can adjust the size, ratio, and position of the picture. Add subtitle below image.