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Devil Returns to School Days Chapter 5


After suffering years of bullying, Seonwoo forms a pact with hell to gain terrifying powers, then proceeds to harass his bullies in an endless campaign of revenge.

His bloody crusade unveils deep conspiracies within the school staff as well as society’s indifference towards victims’ suffering, taking readers on an exciting ride through its blood-soaked corridors and broken system.

Kim Hyunsung

Kim Hyunsung was a model student, boasting high grades, handsome looks, superior fighting skills, and an unshakable sense of right and wrong. However, on the eve of his graduation party he was attacked and knocked unconscious, spending 10 years living hell before suddenly being transported back to when it all started – with this manga depicting his journey of revenge against those responsible.

Devil Returns to School Days series has released its fifth chapter. As the story develops and characters continue to change unexpectedly, new details about one character have come out that may lead to further confrontations or an alteration in dynamics between characters.

As Devil Returns to School Days continues to unfold, fans eagerly anticipate its next chapter’s release this week. Fans can still experience its current chapter by visiting sites such as BakaMitai, Batoto and 1stkissmanga which offer various manga titles in multiple languages for reading pleasure.

Kim Hyun-sung, in the latest chapter of Devil Returns to School Days, encounters his former high school classmate Kim Jiwoo and warns her not to become too close, since he plans on vengefully punishing those who bullied him during high school. Furthermore, he cautions Jiwoo that Kim Hyun-sung has changed over time; no longer friendly and kind person he once knew is present anymore.

Devil Returns to School Days is an immensely popular manga that depicts a main character who overcomes challenges through intellect and fighting skills. Vyvy, its author, has created an engaging story which appeals to a wide variety of readers; its online version can be read freely in multiple languages.

Seonwoo Lee

The MC is an outstanding student with impeccable looks and charming personality, but his fighting ability cannot be rivaled. After being bullied almost to death, he decides to turn back time ten years and commence his revenge plan immediately.

Jinwoo warns Kim Siwoo against associating with Hyunsung, but Kim Siwoo believes Hyunsung to be his friend and refuses to part ways with him. Jinwoo then delivers an uppercut punch at Kim Siwoo which doesn’t kill him instantly.

Twelve intelligent contestants compete in mind-boggling games of strategy and wit to determine who has the sharpest brain. Relying on cunning, alliance-making, and backstabbing to survive this house with bedrooms serving as jail cells is key. Imagine Survivor but with more brainpower.

Kim Siwoo

Devil Returns to School Days’ latest chapter features an engaging action-packed narrative that has readers on edge. The plot explores themes of revenge and justice while delving deeper into characters’ internal conflicts and emotional strain. As the story develops, existing relationships strengthen while unexpected allies appear unexpectedly; all while the author deftly weaves dramatic, suspenseful, and fantastical themes into each sequence in this dramatic tale.

Kim Hyunsung is a high-school student who has been bullied by his classmates for years. On his final day of high school he was nearly pushed over a rooftop but miraculously survived it; since then his hatred towards them has only increased and now when confronted by them again at this same point in time, Kim Hyunsung vows that this chance won’t slip by him unpunished.

As the story develops, new allies and threats emerge – such as the leader of Golden Circle – an organization which employs school bullies and criminals to victimize vulnerable students for money. On his journey for revenge, the protagonist uncovers truth behind this organization while arming himself for battle.

Kim Siwoo tries to break up a fight between Park Jinwoo and Kim Hyunsung. To his surprise, both men fight until the bitter end. Following this confrontation, Kim Hyunsung warns Kim Siwoo not to mess with him, warning that he plans on dismantling all those bully guys that bully them; Kim Siwoo is taken aback at this sudden revelation and responds that he knows nothing of Kim Hyunsung’s plans for dismantling all bully guys.

Devil Returns to School Days’ next chapter promises to be full of surprises, unveiling more about its main character’s past and exploring his complex desires. Available free on Naver, it has proven itself a hit thanks to its captivating storyline and gorgeous artwork; winning numerous awards along the way and widely considered to be the best manhwa of 2023.