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Interlock Kit – Safely Power Your Home Through a Generator During a Power Outage


An interlock kit is a straightforward device designed to safely power your home through a generator during a power outage. Keeping both the main breaker and generator back-feed circuit breaker from being turned on at once protects electric utility workers and avoids back-feed. The actual Interesting Info about عامل فروش زیمنس.

Easy to Install

Interlock kits offer homeowners the ability to save on professional installation costs by performing the installation themselves, thus saving on installation fees. Their user-friendly design and straightforward process make these kits a wise investment over time; furthermore, their high-quality construction guarantees durability, making this purchase an excellent value proposition.

An interlock kit allows you to power your home during an outage with a generator by connecting it directly to the electrical panel of your home. The device prevents both the main breaker and generator breaker from turning on simultaneously while also protecting utility power lines from back feeding into them, potentially injuring or killing those working to repair them.

To install an interlock kit, first switch off your home’s main breaker. Next, carefully take apart your breaker panel and place it on a workbench; remove its front panel, carefully unfasten all screws holding it on, and note where its holes are located – this will help when drilling occurs to identify where exactly to install your kit.

Before mounting an interlock kit to a breaker panel, place it against its hole locations on the front. With a power drill, create holes where the kit will be installed. Finally, use its included screws to mount it.


Installed on the front cover of any Siemens or Murray electrical panel, this generator interlock kit ensures your home always has power in an emergency power outage situation. By blocking generator back feed circuit breakers when moved up into top position during an outage, electricity cannot travel back up into the main breaker and back onto power company lines, where it may electrocute workers and destroy generators. Made in the USA, this mechanical interlock kit is an essential safety measure.


An interlock kit provides a less costly alternative to installing a generator transfer switch. Once installed on an existing breaker panel, it allows only one specific breaker – either the primary or power inlet box breaker – to be turned on at one time not b, both simultaneously; after this has happened, the generator can then be connected through either power inlet box or directly wired into the panel.

Electrical accessories consist of two sliding plates connected by three bolts that are installed on the front cover of a panel. When moved down, these blocks block the generator back feed breaker circuit breakers while leaving main breakers intact and allowing power to remain connected through utility lines from the generator. Doing so prevents electricity from going back into utility lines from the generator, potentially electrocuting line workers or eradicating it.

An independent laboratory rigorously tests mechanical interlocks to meet UL standards. Many electrical inspectors require them, making installation easy and hassle-free while helping keep you safe during power outages.

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