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On1 photo is a photo editing software for Mac and windows. It is a hassle-free expert photo organizer, raw processor, layered editor, and effects app. It is so good for those who are seeking an ultra-convenient all in one photo editing solution to get high-quality results. 


You can organize photos in On1 photos by their file structure or collect separate groups of images as needed. This year photo was updated to ON1 PHOTO RAW 2021. It supports the raw photo formats of hundreds of different cameras. 


How to Download On1 Photo Effortlessly

There are some straightforward and simple steps for downloading this app:

Installation instructions for Mac:


1. First click on this link: 

2. After clicking on the link over, the download will start automatically; when the download ends, double click on the “Photo RAW 2021.dmg” file. 

3. To begin the installer, double click on the “Photo RAW 2021.pkg”.

4. Through the installation process, you will get security prompts that you will need to allow by clicking OK. 

That’s all for the Mac users. After that, you are ready to use it on Mac. 

Installation instructions for Windows:

  1. Click on this link:
  2. After clicking on the link over, the download will start automatically and be kept in your “Downloads” Folder. 
  3. When the download is completed, then right-click on the “Photo RAW 2021.exe” file and pick “Run as the Administrator” to begin the installer.
  4.  Click Continue to progress with the installation process. 


That’s all for the windows user. After that, you are ready to use it in windows.


What are the fantastic features of On1 Photo? :


On1 photo came with several excellent features that make it the best alternative for most photo editing software. Below we have mentioned the top features all way around:


  1. photo provides powerful file management:

Ø  photo has one of the better library systems available. It uses a browser-based system, which makes it the best. You can organize photos into albums and create smart albums that store search criteria.


2. On1 photos offer professional-level photo editing:

Ø Its photo editor has all the editing options that most professionals need. 


3. photos provide layer functionality

Ø It can work with the layers. This feature allows you to do everything, such as swapping and more. 


4. On1 photos offer portrait AI:

Ø This feature is impressive in all these years. On1 print offers high-quality portrait AI which detects multiple faces in an image. 


Its lens comes in an adequate supply, so that lens corrections are both comfortable and automatic. We can say photo raw is an excellent alternative to Adobe Photoshop and even Lightroom. The ON1 printeditor has all the editing options most photographers will ever need to create professional-level images.


Secret Cons of photo:

  1. Browsers can be slow. 
  2. Primitive healing brush. 
  3. Masking option clunky. 
  4. The steep Learning curve for beginners. 



photos are an excellent option for those who are willing to spend and if you are workflow. It is a permanent part of someone who wants all in one RAW image editing workflow. 


Does the On1 photo offer a free trial version?

Yes, the On1 photo offers a 14 days trial version when you first launch it on your device.

Does the On1 photo work with two monitors?

No, Currently,the On1 photo is not capable of featuring in the dual display.

Does the On1 photo backup the database?

No, the On1 photo does not backup the database.

Is it better than Lightroom?

Yes, the photo provides more features than Lightroom.