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Photoshop Pro: The Best Photo Editing Tool


 Photoshop Pro does not need much of the introduction as it was one of its kind when it first came to the market. It is a raster-based graphics editor, which is the industry standard for editing digital photographs and producing an enhanced image using graphics rendering. Photoshop Pro is so well known that we generally use the proverb photoshop an image to imply editing of an image.


What is Photoshop Pro & Why It’s Amazing?


From the year 1988, when it was created until now, Photoshop from Adobe still holds that favourite application status among the photographic community as the tool to go for. As a photographer and graphical designer, I can recommend Photoshop Pro to anyone, professional or amateur.


Photoshop Pro, other than a standalone application, is also part of Adobe’s creative suite and Adobe photography cloud. So as an end-user, you can potentially go for any of the solutions you prefer. I have used Photoshop for a long time now, and as new cloud-based solutions give me more flexibility by letting me store and work on projects online. It also allows me to access Adobe’s other applications in the suite and utilize the big Photoshop community to learn new things and share my work.


Photoshop Pro with CloudThe Most Exclusive Cloud Based Photo Editing Experience

Earlier, Photoshop was a standalone product with a one-time purchase and few updates promised. But after a few years, there were no updates. Then the advanced features were bundled in the newer versions released later. The cost of a one-time purchase was also relatively more. Since now, in the past decade or so, Photoshop Pro has moved to a software as a service model, which means a rental or subscription-based model.


This has enabled users like us to experience the most recent features and when they are released., This has been of tremendous help to me, and it has enhanced the quality of work I produce now compared to earlier. Instead of having a CS or a CC version and get new updated ones every time now, we have Adobe Photoshop bundled with software like Adobe Bridge, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Image Ready, etc.


Other Stunning Tools & Elements with Photoshop Pro


From 2020 onwards, Photoshop has ditched their CC line of version, and now they are calling simply Photoshop 2020 instead of Ps CC Version 21. Adobe also publishes new Photoshop entities to add features in photoshop like Photoshop Express, Photoshop Lightroom, and Photoshop Mix. & Elements etc. These tools and products are branded and marketed under the Photoshop Family, and I love using all of them alongside Photoshop Pro


There is also a Photoshop Mix version available, which I love because it’s a portable version designed for tabs and touchscreen devices. It has features of the PC version optimized for touchscreens. It also has two sub tool which is again part of the Photoshop Pro Cloud. These are Photoshop Sketch for drawing and Photoshop Fix for image correction.


What does the Pen tool do in Photoshop Pro?

Pen Tool is for creating paths that can be edited and changed using anchoring points between. These points act as a pivot. There are many types of pen tool in Photoshop Pro.

What does the Selection tool do in Photoshop Pro?

They are used to select a part of the image and then do retouch editing or cut, paste, etc.

Is Photoshop Pro Free?

There is one month trial period; then you will have to pay the subscription fee or onetime fee as per your choice