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The way to Optimise The Images On Your Company’s Social Media Pages


Images are extremely important on any web 2 . 0 profile, whether they are the people you use for a profile in addition to cover images or the people you share. Last year, a couple of thirds of the links were provided on Twitter, and over half the posts on the Facebook announcement feed were images.

Photographs are popular because they are great and instantly gratifying. Nevertheless, when uploading images, you possibly can is not the only thing that must be viewed – you must also think with regards to the file size of the image and it is shaped.

Here are some ways to optimize the images you display for the five major social media sites: Zynga, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn in addition to Pinterest.


Whatever internet site you are uploading an image to help, make sure that the file identify is relevant to the image. Therefore, if the image shows a new red dress from your summer months collection, call the image summer-dress-red. jpg. Naming your photographs appropriately will increase the chance of ones showing up in the correct impression searches.

You’ll notice that My partner and I named the image file as being a JPEG. There are a number of graphic files you could use – JPEG, GIF, or PNG: but using a JPEG is the best option. JPEG files may be compressed considerably, but still, carry a decent quality. Use GIF files for thumbnails rather than large images. Use PNG data files as an alternative to either of the additional two.

Most importantly, make sure that your entire images are eye-catching and also relevant. Post regularly and also respond to comments that your photos get. Work out what photos get the most likes, +1s, and shares and when, and then figure out the best strategy to benefit from popular images.

Content that you simply post on any social media marketing site will appear in the nourishment of your friends, followers, and also connections with a miniature model of your profile picture. Make sure that, even as a thumbnail, your profile picture is not hard to make out.

Bear in mind that online communities are constantly changing, thus although the image sizes in this article are accurate (as regarding 29/05/2013), be sure to double-check online.


Facebook cover photographs are the first thing visitors to your current page will see, so be sure that it grabs their focus. The frame for the Facebook or myspace cover photo is 815 pixels wide by 315 pixels high. Your profile’s cover image has to be plainly related to your company, and it is unable to mislead or infringe on anyone else’s copyright. Addresses cannot display more than even just the teen’s text and they cannot include display text asking consumers to share the image.

The Facebook account picture overlaps the protected photo close to its base, right-hand corner. It is one hundred sixty x 160 px, nevertheless, the image you upload to be able to fill the space must be above 180 x 180 px. I would advise using your brand as your profile picture, although try to be creative with your deal with the photo. If you have the time, alter it every month or so, or make use of it to advertise new offers as well as products you have. Make sure, nevertheless, that you follow Facebook’s policies.

Timeline images are exhibited at up to 403 a 403 px in the termes conseillés, and 960 x 720 px in the lightbox. Photographs up to 2048 x 2048 px can be uploaded. In the event that an image is 403 situations wide and 603 situations wide 200 pixels will likely be cut from the preview, which might look awful if people 200 pixels are connected with vital importance. Don’t be expecting visitors to your page to help click on previews if they still cannot see the entire image, they are really only going to enlarge photographs that intrigue them.


Google+ cover photos usually are significantly larger than their Zynga counterparts, measuring 2120 an 1192 px. When a person visits your page nevertheless, they only see the underside third of the image, requiring you to scroll up to see the relaxation. You need to make sure that the bottom 3 rd of your cover image includes all the necessary details to be able to catch the visitor’s attention.

Current Google+ photos are usually circular, rather than square, which can be great for companies with spherical logos as it cuts down on bad space, but not so great for anyone with square logos. If the company has a square company logo, work out how best to match it into the circular body.

It is especially important that you optimize the SEO of all the photos on your Google+ page, and also the ones you share, due to the fact Google indexes everything on its social media site so that it is more likely to appear in Google Search. If the search of your company will take someone to your Google+ webpage, it gives them the opportunity to employ and interact with you as well as the images you post.


Unlike Facebook and Google+, Twitter allows you to create and also upload a background as compared to a profile page. When you create and also upload your background webpage, ensure that all the important articles are visible by placing this on the right and left-hand edges so that it doesn’t obtain hidden by your stream, routing bar, uploaded images, or even header image.

The header image is 520 by 260 px, but remember that your 81 x seventy-eight px profile image rests pretty much right in the middle – you don’t need to want your profile picture blocking part of your header image, especially if you have placed your contact details on there.

If you are posting an image on Tweet, there are three different Tweet cards you can use: the Large Picture Summary Card features a picture prominently, with the corresponding post summary beneath; the Picture Card is ideal if you only want to post a photo; use a Collection Card for collections associated with images.

In the stream, the tweet with an image may have a tiny photo icon at the end, with “View photo” together. An image within an expanded Twitter update is 375 x 375 px, whereas an article examining an image is 120 by 120 px. All the pictures you tweet can be viewed within a picture gallery on your user profile.


Your company’s LinkedIn profile page has a number of tabs with customizable banners over the top. The Home page championship and the Products & Companies banner are both 646 times 220 px. Treat the house page banner like your Fb or Google+ cover graphics: use an eye-catching image that is certainly relevant to your company. Be inventive with your Products & Companies banner. Why not update the idea regularly with new products or maybe special offers?

The Careers handle photo is slightly much larger, 974 x 238 px, giving you even more space that can be played with. Change the Careers image every so often to keep your page fresh new. All the banners are limited by a 2 MB greatest size.


Of all the social network sites in this list, Pinterest is considered the most image-focused. Pinterest is centered on discovering cool and intriguing images and pinning these people onto your own boards. The higher quality of the images you pin to your boards, the more likely people are to check out you.

If you are a company using tangible products, find intriguing ways to post them on your own boards. You can even add charges and availability information for you to products you pin upon Pinterest using rich hooks.

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