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Best Life and Beyond Controversy Revealed


Unveil the drama and tension surrounding popular Disney influencers Spencer Emmons and Katie Slockbower with this blog post that details recent controversies and speculations.

Influencers are being targeted by Tattle Life users who engage in gossiping and open criticism of them online, which often leads to trolling and harassment that can have adverse impacts on victims.

What Is Tattle Life?

Tattle Life has recently come into prominence for all the wrong reasons. It’s an online forum website where anyone can post gossipy, open threads about social media influencers, bloggers, and other public figures in open forums – some with thousands of comments – in open lines that often turn vicious. Tattle Life has been accused of bullying and cruelty by beauty blogger Em Sheldon (known as The Em Sheldon Show on YouTube), giving evidence before MPs about its impact on her mental health.

Tattle Life is a commentary website where users can openly debate and critique those who choose to monetize their personal lives as businesses in public domains. “Helen” claims the site does not engage in trolling but instead serves a service by holding influencers accountable, but influencers have complained it quickly turns into an elaborate witch hunt as regular users attempt to expose every aspect of their private lives. They claim Tattle Life users contacted their brand partners and tried to sabotage commercial deals, searched for addresses, reported them for imaginary violations of Covid lockdown rules, and subjected them to digital bile, even after agreeing to adhere to the site’s terms of agreement which require that no abuse is posted on it.

Tagging along for their second homes and hedge-funder husbands might seem harmless on Tattle Life; however, they are the subject of unrestrained cruelty from site users. Mrs Hinch, an Essex cleaning influencer who has made millions off her videos, is another target; users frequently criticize her ‘one-handed manic cleaning’ and “false positivity.”

This site has been widely condemned as a breeding ground for toxic femininity and is undoubtedly dangerous. Victims have spoken out against its content and reported feeling depressed, anxious, or suicidal due to participating in it, so much so that a petition has been created calling on this space of gossip and its administrators to close down permanently.

Where Do Best Life And Beyond Live?

Best Life and Beyond’s YouTubers are known for filming their YouTube videos at Disneyland but frequently travel to Las Vegas and New York City to film other locations. Alongside their videos on YouTube, Best Life and Beyond also maintains active social media accounts such as Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

Tattle Life made headlines in 2019 when it emerged that mother blogger Clemmie Hooper was using an anonymous account on the discussion forum to defend herself against trolls and make disparaging remarks about other influencers – this sparked both compassion for what Clemmie had gone through as well as outrage against her use of a false identity to harass others.

Tattle Life’s Best Life and Beyond thread is often fraught with drama and controversy surrounding vlogger KT, who has an eating disorder, while Spencer forces her to consume unhealthy food to record videos together. Additionally, there have been allegations against these two for stealing money from fans or trying to scam other vloggers.

Who Is Spencer From Best Life And Beyond?

Spencer is one half of BLAB and works as a vlogger, posting videos under his YouTube channel, “Spencer’s World.” Together, Spencer and KT often go on road trips in California to experience new restaurants, hotels, and attractions; additionally, they host weekly live streams called WHW (What’s Happening Wednesday), in which BLAB addresses complaints submitted via SuperChatters who donate money for screen time as well as answering any related queries from SuperChatters who pay to see themselves featured on screen.

Spencer and KT bring some strange characteristics to their show that make it entertaining. Both self-avowed trolls often use their platform to harass other vloggers through bullying tactics and inappropriate language. Their antics often include some pretty offensive behavior!

KT alleges she has been threatened by Tattle trolls to kill herself while also claiming she has been called a “pig and slut.”

KT and Spencer have amassed an enormous following online, garnering millions of subscribers on YouTube alone and becoming widely appreciated across other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

One aspect distinguishing them from other vloggers is their refusal to edit or filter their videos, creating raw and authentic videos with profanity-laced dialogue that often sparks controversy – yet neither KT nor Spencer has apologized for their content actions or words.

Another thing that sets them apart from other vloggers is their sense of entitlement. They seem to believe they deserve whatever they desire in life, and if denied, they complain bitterly about it – making them extremely unpopular with other vloggers and frequently leading other gossipmongers to dox them!

KT and Spencer are known for their lack of common sense. They will often go into public places acting entirely out of character – for instance, trolling Trader Joe’s by wearing their signature hats inside and being caught stealing from thrift stores.

What Is The Point Of Tattle Life?

Tattle Life provides an online forum where individuals can openly discuss and criticize social media influencers for holding these “digital celebrities” accountable by using this website to dissect their personal lives and assess their decisions.

This website operates similarly to popular forums, with subsections and an activity ticker on the homepage indicating new activity. What sets it apart, however, is users can post anonymously, which allows for harsh criticism without fear of reprisals from anyone involved in posting their opinions. Many enjoy gossiping about people they haven’t met face-to-face before!

A quick search through the site demonstrates this truth; threads dedicated to Mrs. Hinch (with over 4 million Instagram followers), as well as other prominent bloggers, are frequently subjected to attacks from commenters aimed at disparaging them and accusing them of being dull, boring and lacking substance, with additional accusations made of being unattractive and dishonest. Online bullying has long been a part of everyday life for anyone affected; unfortunately, this culture will likely persist for the foreseeable future.

Noteworthy is that vloggers whose content appears on this platform are aware of what’s transpiring with them and have spoken out against their treatment. Furthermore, their constant drama may deter viewers from watching their videos long-term or cause potential brand partners to shy away from working with them in future collaborations.

Mrs. Meldrum posted a video in June in which she appeared overcome by tears as she recounted how Tattle Life trolls had negatively affected her mental health and begged them to stop. Some subscribers of Mrs Meldrum defended the pair; others voiced disappointment over their conduct and demanded accountability.

Influencers often find it challenging to withstand this level of scrutiny, which can result in losing followers and damaging their reputation. While it is necessary to address constructive feedback, baseless criticism must not undermine one’s mental well-being or the desire to produce content.