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Carrier Toys For Kids


Children love cars, but keeping track of them can be tricky. A car carrier toy provides an entertaining and valuable solution. What do you consider about خودروبر.

This double-decker carrier truck boasts two ramps and space for three Mini Cars. Designed to develop motor skills and foster imagination-based play indoors and out, this model encourages motor skill advancement as well as stimulating imaginative play both indoors and outdoors.

Tonka Steel Classic Car Carrier

Since 1945, Tonka toys have been an icon of play for children around the world. When kids hear “Tonka,” their imaginations often conjure images of yellow dump trucks, bulldozers, or Metal Movers vehicles ready to handle any adventure they can imagine. Made of stamped steel and sturdy plastics, Tonka toys stand up well over years of playtime adventures.

From one generation to the next, TONKA has inspired kids of all ages to get up and move with toys that foster active play and form lasting memories. Their LARGE TOY TRUCK features classic bright yellow coloring with COLD-ROLLED STEEL construction – giving kids a feel of driving down highways while carrying special loads on board! Two decks provide space for future truck drivers’ vehicles, while its fold-down tailgate gives an authentic truck driving experience!

Fit up to five Monster Metal Movers or three Mighty Force Lights & Sounds trucks (sold separately). Kids can use ramps at the back of the carrier to drive their cars on and off decks using ramps provided. An excellent gift idea for boys and girls ages three and up, it comes back with the Tonka guarantee of quality for added peace of mind and adventure!

Pull & Learn Car Carrier.

Toddlers will adore VTech’s Car Carrier Toy, not only as it helps transport their cars but also as it engages them in learning activities. Packed with buttons and lights that children can press for numbers, colors, animal names, and fun phrases, as well as short tunes or music, kids can either push it along with them or sit it still and have plenty of fun either way!

The car carrier toy features an intelligent sensor that recognizes animals, vehicles, and other toys inside it. Kids can place any driver in their seat to hear the truck pronounce their names – a fantastic feature to teach children the terms of various animals! Plus, they can drive cars up ramps into the back of the truck to learn about numbers and colors while role-playing, too – plus, there’s even a removable CB radio with this function that introduces new numbers every so often!

This innovative truck serves a big task, yet kids will enjoy playing with it as they roll it around the house and beyond. Its easy-load ramp lowers to allow kids to drive their wooden cars up and then raises back up when it’s time to go back out again – providing children with an imaginative way to sort, sequence, and stack their cars while developing essential motor skills.

Green Toys Car Carrier

Green Toys Car Carrier features two working ramps and can hold three colorful Mini Cars for hours of imaginative, creative play. Constructed in the United States from recycled milk jugs that are safe for babies, it features nontoxic materials with no BPA, PVC, or phthalates, while its eco-friendly packaging is printed using soy inks – encouraging motor skill development as well as imaginative creative play! Made in the USA using recyclable milk jugs that contain no metal axles but are nontoxic with no BPA PVC or phthalates while the packaging features eco-friendly soy ink printing technology for easy cleaning in the dishwasher – encouraging motor skill development as well as imaginative, creative play! Made in the USA using recycled milk jugs recycled from USA recycled milk jugs that contain no metal axles so children can play safely. Sanitization after play – without damaging axles, this truck toy can sanitize itself after playtime! Eco-friendly packaging printed with soy inks! Packaging eco-nice and printed with soy inks! Packaging eco-friendly! Packaging printed soy inks, eco-friendly printing with soy inks! Packaging eco-friendly printing soy inks! Packaging eco-friendly printed soy inks. Packaging eco-friendly printing soy inks used. Packaging eco-friendly printing soy inks used. Packaging eco-friendly soy inks printed soy inks printed soy inks used. Packaging eco-friendly soy inks used. Packaging eco-friendly soy inks used! Packaging designed. Packaging printed by soy inks! Printed soy ink can be a soy ink printer.

Green Toys Car Carrier vehicle set features a semi-tractor and trailer designed to transport up to six cars at once, featuring smooth rolling action for ease of play while each vehicle easily rolls in and out of its trailer. Perfect for any child who enjoys trucks and cars! Green Toys prides itself in offering eco-friendly toys made using eco-friendly materials that are safe for children; their family-run company takes great pride in its work while providing fast turnaround orders as well as in-store pickup for quicker service!

Wooden Car Carrier

Children who love cars and trucks will appreciate this innovative wooden toy set that takes their play on the road! Featuring a car that picks up and delivers vehicles for exciting, hands-on learning fun, it features a second level that lowers to accommodate rolling them onto it; its carrier top pivots quickly so they can drive away soon!

This unique toy was handcrafted by Amish artisans in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and made of oak walnut wood with nontoxic paint finishes that are child-safe for safe playtime. Sanded to a silky texture for secure handling by young ones. Made to stand the test of time on all surfaces, sturdy enough for years of playtime!

Children are always learning, and this one-of-a-kind wooden car carrier gives them the opportunity to explore shapes, colors, and more! Featuring a cab and trailer capable of holding six toy cars – perfect for open play and creative storytelling – children will enjoy placing their cars onto ramps, driving them down the trailer, and then transporting them wherever their imagination takes them!

Kids 3 YEARS OF AGE AND OLDER Will Enjoy Rolling Fun

Youngsters aged three years of age or older can develop their imagination and creativity with this toy car carrier from Spin Master. Complete with a cab and double-decker trailer that can hold six racing cars of various colors and designs; this fun toy will encourage children to put down their screens. This wooden toy truck provides children with a beautiful way to learn counting, sorting, and sequencing while building fine motor skills and improving hand-eye coordination. With removable chocks to secure loaded cars from rolling off of their trailer bed. Counting cars using this wooden truck is also an excellent way for them to learn counting skills as well as build hand-eye coordination. This toy is handcrafted of solid wood by Amish artisans in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, painted with child-safe, nontoxic paint for added safety, and sanded to a silky finish, making it the ideal baby shower gift!

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