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Full Sheet Cake Box


Sheet cakes are large single-layered desserts that are designed to feed large groups. Available in both full and half-sheet formats, sheet cakes come in various sizes suitable for hosting multiple numbers of guests or events.

Made using pantry staples, this cake can be assembled quickly and effortlessly – finished off perfectly with a light cream cheese frosting for an ultra-delicious treat!


Sheet cakes can be an efficient and stylish way to serve large volumes of cake or bakery goods, yet transporting them can be difficult without the appropriate packaging. There are various solutions available to ensure your sheet cakes arrive at their destinations undamaged – these include using sturdy cake boards, cellophane wrap with ribbon closure, and plastic lids or disposable aluminum pans with clear plastic covers.

Alternative packaging options include using sturdy cake boxes explicitly designed to accommodate half and full-sheet cakes. These boxes feature an easy locking mechanism, as well as different sizes to accommodate different sheet cake dimensions. In addition, many of these cake boxes include handles for convenient carrying.

This Southern Champion tray is constructed of clay-coated paperboard, making it more durable than regular paper and ready for printing with your company logo. Assembly of this box is easy thanks to pre-creased lines allowing you to fold together its edges easily without any hassle, while its telescoping top allows complete coverage and protects its contents.

Easy to assemble

Sheet cakes can be an easy and delicious way to serve large crowds, with preparation taking only minutes in advance and transport being quick and effortless. Sheet cakes also make excellent birthday cake alternatives and celebration desserts alike, and with its ease of assembly, you can customize it easily for any special event or celebration – plus choose between various sizes: whole, half, and quarter sheet cakes are available; whole sheet cakes typically feed up to 80 guests when cut 18 inches by 24 inches wide while half sheet cakes can serve 48 people while quarter sheets can accommodate smaller gatherings altogether.

Sheet cake boxes provide an efficient means of transporting cakes while keeping them safe and fresh. Available in various sizes to accommodate different cake shapes and provide protection during transport, these boxes feature clear windows to show off what’s inside, as well as customized packaging to add a professional touch to any special treat you’ve baked for special occasions or other celebrations.

Sheet cakes make decorating more accessible than traditional cakes – follow the instructions on the box, let your creativity loose, and embellish with decorative ribbons for that added special touch!

If you’re planning on baking a sheet cake, a sturdy cake board is necessary to support its structure. These boards can be found at local bakeries or ordered online; bulk orders can help save money. These versatile boards can also be used to store and transport other baked goods like cookies and cupcakes.

Chocolate sheet cakes are an ideal treat to celebrate any special event, while other flavors like lemon or carrot can add an extra special touch. Plus, you have the option of adding layers of icing between each layer if desired!

Easy to customize

Full and half-sheet cake boxes provide an easy way to hold and transport cakes. Their sturdy cardboard design offers a solid platform for the cake, protecting it from becoming soggy or bending during transit while being grease-proofed to help preserve freshness and moistness in your desserts. Furthermore, you can personalize these boxes by adding messages or designs of your own as you store your cake until it’s time to serve it!

Consider your guest count and their demographics when selecting a cake size for an upcoming celebration. For example, a full-sheet cake would likely satisfy fifty adult dessert lovers at your event, but for an informal picnic full of kids who consume food quickly, it may be best to go for half-sheet cakes instead.

Use a cake board and wrap the entire cake in cellophane before tying it with a decorative ribbon for more visually appealing packaging. This solution can also keep your cake protected until its destination. Or purchase cake bags that can act as handles when carrying it around.

This white bakery box is the ideal way to give your cakes and baked goods that professional edge. Crafted from high-grade pure white cardboard, this flat assembly unit makes assembly quick and straightforward – fold and insert corner tabs before closing it at the top with a simple tuck-in tab. Plus, its uncoated matte surface can easily be customized using markers or stickers, matching your bakery branding. Plus, its locking corners make opening and displaying baked items hassle-free.

Perfect for any occasion

Sheet cakes can make an eye-catching presentation for any special event, whether that means birthdays, carrot cakes, or festive berry poke cakes – follow a 13×9-inch pan recipe! Plus, any leftovers are easy to store and reheat!

When it comes to storing sheet cakes, there are multiple approaches you can take. From using cellophane and ribbon ties for extra protection during transit to special cake boxes that fit standard sheet cake sizes – both offer convenient ways of protecting the treats during their journeys.

These sturdy cake boxes are constructed of high-grade material to keep your treats safe until it’s time for consumption. Each one features a clear plastic window so you can see what’s inside, plus handles for easy carrying. Plus, there are so many colors and designs available to match any event theme.

Not only are these cake boxes convenient, but they’re also highly eco-friendly. Crafted with prime recycled CRB paperboard – an eco-friendly material that resists moisture – and recyclable, these cake boxes are the ideal solution for any bakery, catering service, or home baker.

These cardboard cake boxes are the ideal solution for packaging baked goods of all varieties, such as large pies or multiple cupcakes and cookies. Assembly is easy, with smooth surfaces suitable for printing and an intuitive locking mechanism ensuring secure use. Using washi tape and stickers, you can personalize these versatile boxes even further, creating eye-catching patterns unique to your event – or gift them directly without additional wrapping costs – making these an essential addition for birthday parties, weddings, baby showers, and anniversaries alike!